Xarkas Drift Team 08 – Official Page®
We like to thank you for taking the time and interest in learning more about our team.

Xarkas Drift is a leading team in an upcoming series of motorsport races in Greece and Europe, the Professional DRIFT Races. An extreme motorsport with great people response worldwide and unlimited opportunities for advertising! Our team is very proud about our persistence, professionalism and for the continuously TOP results! We are Motivated! And more than willing to discuss the possibilities that can benefit your brand or company. Help us and let us help you in return! To have a successful Race season, please feel free to contact us!

“Marketing – Opportunities / What we can bring to you!”
Imagine the name of your company or your brand to be shown to thousand of people and heard out loud! Announced continuously, associated with our Champion Race Driver! Your logos are going to be shown in national publications, as a supporter in one of the greatest extreme motorsport show in the World! The opportunities are endless and there is a package that fits your needs and made just for you and your company.

“A few words about our RACE Driver”
All started years ago when his father gave him his first BMW with a 2.0 8valves Alpina engine that was his first steps in the world of Drifting! Then the love for tuning came up in all car sectors and the first time in Race track that changed everything. The dream came true! With every round won in two days period Race our sponsors are being announced and shown repeatedly. More winning means more advertisement!

“Image is Everything!”
Cost is nothing, image is everything! A good Logo or Picture is worth a thousand Likes. The right image, just like the right copy, can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. In our hard times do you really want to miss that out?! Customers react to quality and they know the difference between what sparkles and what falls short. We can make you shine like a star without any of the big and ridiculous costs other companies charge. We are here for that need!

We keep… “Drifting With a Smile”

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Contact Us
Team Manager: Symeon P. Charkas
Email: xarkas_drift@hotmail.com